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A Dog and a Cake

A Dog and a Cake
J, 8 weeks old.

A year ago, Jack entered our lives. Brooke and Grant met Jack’s mother at TheTrouthunter(read about their wonderful food, beautiful views here) in Island Park, Idaho, while on a fly fishing trip. She (the dog, not Brooke) was preggers. Brookie bonded with Jack’s mom immediately. Tom (owner) told Brookie in a few weeks, his dog would be having puppies.That’s the day the campaign began.
“WE” needed a dog (because our long time pup, Hershey passed a few months earlier). Well, actually Hersh was no longer a pup, but for some reason, people in our house called him pup his whole life. Even when he was 12, or 72 (dog) years old. Is he 72 dog or human years when he is 12 years (by the calendar) old? Because dog years are more difficult than human years?? Yeah, I guess all of that napping and eating wears on you. If you’re a dog. Confusing.
Anyway, over the course of two months, I caved, and on August 3, 2010, Jack joined our fam. Since then, he has become the new baby. It’s been said labs are either chewers or diggers.
Hersh was a digger. Jack- well, I think it’s safe to say, is a chewer.Here’s the list, to date Not that I’m keeping track, or anything like that:

  • chew toys, he pretty much shreds these in a matter of hours, sometimes minutes, even the toys that say, “Will last for months!”
  • shoes, socks, towels
  • flowers, plants
  • bbq tools
  • 12 foot umbrella on patio table (my neighbor witnessed him on top of the patio table, with a piece of the umbrella in his mouth, running in circles, umbrella spinning and shredding).
  • cushions on patio furniture
  • patio lounge chair
  • two large pillows for dogs
  • mats for inside his kennel
  • new PB pillow
  • new PB blanket
  • 3 rugs
  • electrical connection on trailer
  • new dining room chair
  • basketball(s)
  • football(s)
  • base in entry
  • upholstery on chair
  • electrical connection to ice cream maker
  • hoses
  • firewood
  • sprinkler heads
Maybe I should call my insurance agent?
The most memorable Jack-offense (for me) took place last May. My friend’s son was coming home from a 2 year mission, and I wanted to make him a birthday cake. I baked up my all time favorite cake, Laurie and Amy’s Amazing Chocolate Cake, which btw, if you haven’t tried it, is the best chocolate cake.
In the world.
I had just finished frosting the cake, and decided to run upstairs to change clothes before delivering the cake. I was upstairs for maybe a total of 3 minutes. When I came down the stairs, Jack was licking his chops. And looking very guilty.
“What are you doing??” I said.
He started to back away from me. First clue something was wrong.

I looked around and couldn’t see what he was up to. Then it hit me. THE CAKE.
I looked over on the island counter, nothing. Had he pulled it onto the floor?
I ran all the way around the island, nothing.
What? He devoured the whole cake in 3 minutes? Not possible.
I glance to the right, there it is. Was. Sitting on the kitchen table. Looking like this:

Can you say melt down?
Lots of screaming. Asking questions. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS??? Yes, dog interrogation.
I text my friend. Sent her the pic of the cake, and a pic of the dog, with the message:I’M KILLING THIS DOG.

After I threw the gnawed cake in the garbage, I made myself a sandwich, said a few more choice things to Jack, put him in the backyard and went up to my bedroom where I got into my bed, (with my clothes on) and ate my sandwich. I called a few friends who listened to me rant about my dog, then I did what every sane person would do to have closure. I baked another cake.

I’m re-posting this cake because it really is the best chocolate cake Jack or I’ve ever eaten (trust me I’m an expert in this field). Moist, chocolaty, dense with thick butter cream frosting. Oh,andI had to document that crazy cake story for posterity.
You can find the original recipe and post here.

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  1. Doga do have a way of stealing our hearts, even when misbehaving badly. He must have known it was the best choclate cake in the world. I believe you! I'm saving this!

  2. Hilarious! I can definitely relate to dogs getting into things they shouldn't. My dog is only 10 lb but if we have any food on the coffee table we can't leave it because she will jump up (on the table!) and snatch it.

  3. Gotta love the Jack.
    I can tell you are still beside yourself about this.
    It is a funny memory that you can share at Jack's funeral, which may be sooner than he thinks.

  4. Yummmm! I want to make this cake! Jack has good taste in food! I am forwarding this post to my brother, whose lab puppy, Allie, has destroyed many expensive things in their home including an Xbox controller! We cant leave anything bread or cake related on the counter because our dog, Sadie (Golden Retriever) jumps up and eats it. We now hide food in the microwave which she hasn't learned to open….YET!

  5. This pup sounds exactly like his mother, biologically speaking. There have been many times I called Creek a few colorful names. She used to chew on everything including our old lab Riv. Poor Riv put up with a lot from Creek in those early pup years. But she grew out of it and became the sweetie Dad always claims her to be. Labs are the very best dogs to drive you crazy one moment and tell a fantastic story about them the next. Now next time you're in TroutHunter have Dad tell you the story about when he went fishing and he decided to leave Riv in the truck. LOL. They all grow out of it… Mostly.

  6. Chelsey, I just drove past Trouthunter on Tuesday! I would love to meet you sometime, and Tom too. I can only imagine what Riv did to the truck.
    Brooke wants me to bring Jack up for a reunion with Creek. Maybe when he grows out of his puppy stage 🙂