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Facebook, Instagram Down, Now What?

What if Instagram and Facebook went down? If they disappeared. Well, as of about 10:00 MST this morning, that is exactly what happened. Have you ever thought about that? What would change? Everything? Not much?

For me, it is a way to communicate on a regular basis with readers. I share recipe links with photos, we toss around ideas, share thoughts on everything from football to faith, and I answer questions as well. Combined Facebook, Instagram, and email subscriber list, I keep in touch with about 140 k readers. Most of the interactions/communications are on social media.

I have read a few articles that say the outage should be fixed in a matter of hours; it’s been about 6 hours now. What does that mean? One article I read said the longer the disconnect goes on, the less likely it will be a quick fix. I’m not a tech expert, but that makes sense to me…

In the meantime, I’m going to make a batch of Tried and True Chocolate Chip Cookies, and get on with my day.

Leave me a comment below with your thoughts on this issue. Is this a nice break from social media for you? A wake up call to how much we rely on social media to communicate? What if all online communications ceased for a while? What is your back up plan? I’d love to hear from you.

**UPDATE** almost immediately after I hit the publish button on this post, Facebook and Instagram were restored after being down for 6+ hours. Interesting comments below, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Here are a few recipes you may have missed over that past few busy months I know you will love!

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Small Batch Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies

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  1. I hadn’t even had a chance to get onto Instagram or FB today, so I hadn’t missed it being down and will be fine without it until it gets back online 😀

  2. With all the divisiveness that’s on social media, I’d say stay down! Maybe our polarization that we’re experiencing would get better… wishful thinking.

  3. I pray for those making a living on social media. It’s scary how suddenly an income stream can be interrupted. I’ve been trying to rely less on social media and I’m grateful for those that have blogs or email lists to keep in touch.

    1. Karen,
      You are right, many rely on the income generated from social media traffic. I’m grateful to be able to keep in touch here in case other outlets were unavailable for a prolonged period!
      Thanks for your comment!

  4. I deleted all my social media apps about a month ago and haven’t been on since. I even have a side business I run through FB but have been connecting in other ways. I realized it was becoming detrimental to my mental health and my daily productivity. I thought I would miss it but I haven’t for even one second. I know that not everyone with a business can do that, but it’s so important to distance yourself from it occasionally.

    1. Amanda,
      Wow. That takes a lot of courage to do what you know is best for your mental health even though it is so mainstream in today’s society. Sending positive thoughts your way and wishes for success in your business!

  5. I had the same thoughts! I noticed how often I went to FB. I was surprised. (And I was also surprised how often I forgot FB was down…hahaha!) I think I need to get away from it more, and to be more intentional about being on FB/IG.

    1. Priscilla,
      It takes just a few minutes of social media being down to realize how often I mindlessly “check in”. Great thoughts on being more intentional. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I’m just so glad your blog is up! I’m getting together with my daughters for some meal prepping tomorrow, and we need your recipes! Maybe I need to start printing a few hard copies just in case. I tend to ignore the cookbooks and plan around new finds from you and others! Thank you!

    1. Hi Angela,
      Interesting thought. We rely so much of information we get online, recipes, news, banking, the list goes on. I’m glad you and your daughters cook together using ABK. I am honored!

  7. I have been off of social media for over a year now. It’s been the best decision I have ever made. I too am grateful for those bloggers who have emails and websites that I can check in on. Thank you Si for always having such tasty recipes readily available! 😋

    1. Same! I haven’t missed it and my kids appreciate that I am not on my phone as often. Now, off to sign up for your email list!

    2. Thanks Saunna! I know many who have done that same and signed off of social media and say it has been a good decision. Thanks for your feedback! Glad you are still with us on ABK 🙂