Have a Question?


    Have a question?


    “Why do you blog?”

    I love sharing recipes and my love of cooking with family and friends. It’s convenient for me as well, to catalog recipes I love in one place! Family memories and traditions almost always include food. Taking time to create something delicious for loved ones also creates a memory that will stay in their hearts forever.  I hope that my love of cooking will inspire you to “cook a meal and create a memory”!


    “Any advice for me if I’m just starting my own blog?”

    Write about what you love! I think that’s the number one rule. Also very important: If you want to keep the blog name you have chosen, purchase the domain name, even if you are simply using the “blogspot” address to publish your posts. Why? Let’s say you start a blog with the name “Mary’s Marvelous Kitchen” and use a blogspot address. Great. After a year or so, you decide you really love blogging. People look up your blog by using your name. All of your recipes are cataloged through this name. Then you decided to buy the domain name Mary’s Marvelous Kitchen dot com. But someone else owns that name. Sure they are glad to sell it to you. For a price. Now, something that should cost you a few dollars a year will cost you hundreds, maybe more. It happens, all of the time. Read more about my nightmare with this here.


    “How much time does it take you to do a post?”

    Well, it depends on the post, how much “journaling” I do along with a recipe. On average 5-10 hours this includes recipe development, photography, editing and writing the post. Oh, and the dishes.


    “Do you take your own photos? What camera do you use?”

    Yes, I take all of my own photos, with the exception of a couple early recipes, when I was getting my blog up and running. I used a point and shoot Canon in the early days of my blogging (many of those photos still on the blog), then a Canon T1i, and since 2012 a Canon EOS 60D. I know just enough about shooting photos to get by. I do know the best shots of food are taken in natural light.