Have a Question?


    Have a question?


    “Advice for new or young cooks, just starting out?”

    Don’t ever say “I HATE cooking!” If you say you hate cooking, it will taste like you hate cooking. Grant loves to say “Words have creative powers”. He’s right.


    “Do you have a recipe for _____?”

    The best way to see if I have a recipe on my blog is key in a recipe name or main ingredient into the “search this blog” bar . Top right of side bar, or look through the index on top bar or right side of home page.


    “What do you recommend if I’m giving a kitchen-related gift item?”

    See my SHOPpage!


    “What is your favorite kitchen appliance?”

    My Kitchen Aid stand mixer  (not all KitchenAids are created equal) I love this model, have had mine for over 25 years.