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Favorite Bakeries Downtown SLC

Favorite Bakeries Downtown SLC

If you’ve been with me for any length of time, you know I have a love-love relationship with food.
I love to cook, I love to eat. I love to eat out. Love to find new places to eat, my favorite finds are bakeries and sweet shops. Hence, the post – Favorite Bakeries Downtown SLC.

I have a thing for local eateries. Not a fan of chains. Lucky for me, I have a couple of partners in crime who love a good restaurant find as much as I do. You know that saying “The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree?”…
Let me introduce you to my girls.
Corrine is my oldest daughter, and current favorite child because she gave birth to Anibelle, most darling grand baby.

Corrine has an awesome blog – MINT ARROW.If you are looking for the BEST prices on really nice things, like the perfect stroller for your new baby, or the best deal on Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags, or want to know when Target or Nordstrom has a killer sale, Corrine knows where the deals are. She also recently compiled a piggy-back post to this one with our Favorite Cheap Eats in SLC! Go take a look at the places we frequent when we’re in a hurry, or just need good food that won’t break the bank.

Brookie, our world traveler, current grad student and restaurant server is our second oldest. She started her own food blog a couple of years ago called “Female Foodie”. She frequents restaurants in SLC and in her travels abroad and posts about them on her blog and her Insta “Female Foodie”. Brookie took the food photos for our Favorite Bakeries and Sweet Shops and Favorite Cheap Eats in (downtown) SLC and has posted reviews for several of these places on Female Foodie.
Hope you get a chance to stop by one of these fun sweet shops while in SLC. We’d love to hear what you love, as well. Take a pic & tag us on INSTA (@abountifulkitchen, @mintarrowand @femalefoodie), or leave a comment here on the blog.
Happy Sweet hop.

Favorite Bakeries Downtown SLC

Les Madeleines
216 E 500 S

The Food Network featured Kouing Aman is the specialty pastry of Les Madeliene. The caramelized, perfect amount ofcrunchon the outside, surrounds the tender inside of the pastry. For $5.50 you can experience Heaven, in SLC.Or they’ll overnight shipanywhere in the USA.
The Kouing Aman is made at a few places in SLC. Brookie conducted a little taste test, comparing the same pastry from three different bakeries. Take a look to see who she picks as best in SLC.
Oh, and if you are looking for savory, we love the Sesame Chickenwrapped in Butter Lettuce, topped with Miso Dressing (9.95).

Favorite Bakeries Downtown SLC

Tulie Bakery
863 E 700 S
My favorite bakery in SLC. Has won several Readers and Critic Choice awards for Best Bakery in SLC. I love their sandwiches (the Caprese is pictured above, I like it pressed)or the veggie quiche is also one of our favorites. The tarts, bouchons, pastries, cookies are all incredible. One last thing. The Beignets. Go early Friday or Saturday for one. Would it be blasphemous to say they are betterthan thebeignets at Cafe Du Monde? Brookie used to live a few blocks from Tulie. Can you say self control?? Here’s her review.
Favorite Bakeries Downtown SLC

314 W Broadway

They bake a huge variety of bread, pastries, cookies, tarts, cakes, quiche and are right nextdoor to Tony Caputos, the best place to buy everything imported from Italy.
I have yet to meet a baked good I don’t like at Carlucci’s.
One of our favorites are the tarts. They come in three different sizes: baby, 4 inch, or 10 inch.
Love the baby size. For those days you can’t decide, or want to have it all.
Go here to read Brookie’s thoughts on Carlucci’s.

Favorite Bakeries Downtown SLC

Bruges Waffles and Frites
336 W 300 S (Broadway)
SLC, UT 84101
Not a bakery, but if you like sweet and savory together this is the perfect spot for you (and me).
The Liege waffles are my favorite. Sweet little bits of caramelized sugar in dough made with yeast. My favorite way to eat a Bruges waffle is topped with a scoop of creme fraiche and fresh raspberries. The frites are fried twice. All of the sauces for dipping are house made. The Andalaise and the dill are my favorites. Brookie shares about more about their menu items and her experience with the Man vs Food machine Gun Sandwichhere!

Favorite Bakeries Downtown SLC

Ruby Snap
770 S 300 W
Within a mile from theheart of downtown SLC. Adorable cookie and gift shop with creative twists on traditional combinations. My favorite is the Ricki, a coconut, almond and chocolate cookie. It’s Brookie’s favorite too.
In the fall, they sell a marscapone cheese topped cookie made with pumpkin and spice. Still dreaming about that cookie! Ruby Snap sells baked cookies and frozen cookie dough to take home in fun gift boxes.

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