Instant Pot Cookbook Printing Options

Yay! Here it is, in one simple ebook! This updated (2021) cookbook is a collection of all ABK Instant Pot recipes in one convenient place. All have been published since January 2017, with the exception of Instant Pot Bolognese Sauce.  The bolognese recipe is an exclusive to subscribers and one of my favorite recipes inspired by a trip to Italy, where I ate the most amazing bolognese sauce ever!

I hope you’ll love this updated recipe book. We have two printing options for you. One option is printing the entire cookbook, the other option is to print the added recipes since our first e-book was released. Our updated Instant Pot Cookbook is simple to print out and perfect for gift giving!

Either print and slide the recipes into clear plastic sleeves or take your printed book to a printer and ask them to bind the book.

Here are some printing ideas:

Option1 Print at home, take book to printer to bind and place cover on book. I suggest this option as it is the most affordable if you would like to bind the book. Ask the printer to print out the cover photo on an extra heavy piece of card stock, and place a plastic cover over the front and back of book.

Option 2 Print the book at home or using a print shop copier and slip the 8.5×11 pages into plastic sleeves (the type you purchase in bulk at an office supply or Costco) and place in a White Binder.  Many people may prefer this option because the pages will not get dirty, and other Instant Pot recipes may be added to the binder in the future!

Download updated ABK Instant Pot e-Book

Download ABK Instant Pot e-Book: recipes added since the last e-book

Hope you enjoy this gift, and thanks so much for reading ABK!