Desserts | January 20, 2009

Erma’s Chex Mix treat

Erma's Chex Mix treat

Erma's Chex Mix treat

Erma's Chex Mix treat

Last week our sweet, young, friend and neighbor Megan passed away after a tragic skiing accident. She was pure and kind, and radiated the Light of Christ. At her funeral yesterday (which her parents referred to as her graduation) we honored her short and very sweet 15 years on this earth. She was bright, hard working, thoughtful and beautiful. As a junior at Bountiful High, she scored a 34 on her ACT, and had already been accepted to BYU for the fall of 2009. She loved her family and was a peacemaker. I have thought a lot about the Lord’s will and why Megan was taken at such a young age… During the same week, Diane (my sis-in-law, married to Brett, Grant’s brother)and 4 of her children were driving to St George- pulling a trailer on a stretch of freeway at night, and got into an accident with a semi. Thankfully, they miraculously survived, and walked a way without a scratch. Diane is a lot like Megan- kind, thoughtful, and a peacemaker. Her testimony of Jesus Christ is evident in the way she lives her life each day. A modern day Pollyanna, she is an optomistic and loving mother of 6 children, one funny Pug (Sam) and married to Brett . I am certain Diane inherited a lot of her wonderful qualities from her sweet mother, Erma, who used to make this treat for her kids and grandkids. Erma turned 80 in December.

Erma's Chex Mix treat

One last note-While we were visiting Megan’s family, her mom commented how upset Megan would be that she wasn’t able to enjoy all of the yummy treats her neighbors and friends brought by! In honor of the Megans we know and love, make something yummy, and call someone you love.
Erma's Chex Mix treat

Erma's Chex Mix treat

Author abountifulkitchen


  • 3 cubes of butter - 1 1/2 cups no margarine
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 2 cups light Karo Syrup
  • 1 large box of Golden Grahams Cereal
  • 1 large box of Corn Chex I use 1 & 1/2 boxes
  • 1/4 package coconut optional
  • 1 package sliced almonds optional


  1. Place butter, sugar and corn syrup into a heavy sauce pan. Bring to boil for 3-5 minutes.
  2. Mix all dry cereal, nuts and coconut in large bowl.
  3. Pour cooked butter mixture over cereal.
  4. Gently mix and pour onto 3-4 lightly greased jelly roll pans.
  5. When completely cooled, place in cellophane bags to give away, or put into serving bowls.

Recipe Notes

-I use 1 1/2 boxes of Chex, because I like it when the mixture is not super sticky. I think cooking the butter-sugar mixture a bit longer than 3 minutes also helps with this.

-After the mixture cool completely, you can add ingredients like candy corn for Halloween, or colored M & M's for Christmas or Valentines Day. We tried chocolate chips once, not a good idea.

-You can also substitute pecans or our favorite, whole cashews for the sliced almonds.

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  1. I don’t remember how I found your blog, but I stop by every once in a while to see new recipes. Your recipes are amazing. Thanks for sharing. I was also very happy your posted a little about Meghan, who I didn’t know but have read about in the Clipper, and am heartsick for her family. My husband recently passed away, and we referred to his passing as a ‘graduation’ also, which is such a better was of thinking about it. Sorry to take up your time, but thanks for touching my heart today.

  2. Si, I’m so glad my mom shared your blog with me. Not only do I LOVE the recipes, but I love your comments, stories, spirit, history, sense of humor and creativity. Thanks for sharing your sweet thoughts about Megan and for the great reminder to stop the craziness for a minute and do something for someone we love!

  3. I am a friend of Melanie Evans. I have several of your recipes in my collection and LOVE your blog. I have never commented before, but I am going to make some cookies right now and I’ll call someone I love. Thanks for the reminder of how short life is!