Uncategorized | September 16, 2010

Studio 5!


Hello Bountiful Kitchen readers!

Si is going to be featured on Studio 5 today at 11 a.m! She is not one for the spotlight, which is probably why none of you knew about this (don’t feel bad, I didn’t either til about an hour ago!) Make sure you watch and give her some love on the blog after!

Corrine, her daughter

p.s. studio 5 is a utah local TV soft news daily program, featuring home, family and community stories.

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  1. I am so sorry I missed this!. I read this too late. Let us know if there is another way to see it. I have thought before that it was only a matter of time till our amazing Sayuri ended up on TV. Hurray! I'm sure she was terrific.

  2. Congrats, Si, that is great news! It was only a matter of time that your salivatory-worthy recipes made you famous. Hope it went well, though I didn't get to see the segment 🙂

  3. I randomly turned on KSL today and saw one of my favorite past neighbors – you did great. I hurried and called my Mom and we loved watching you and will have to try the yummy flat bread. Brooke turned me onto your blog a while ago and I have loved it ever since. Consider the Goalens fans.