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Cookbook and Kitchen Products | November 8, 2022

A Bountiful Kitchen Product Line

A Bountiful Kitchen Product Line

Hi friends, for years I have thought about finding a way to produce quality kitchen products, especially products for pie making. 2022 has proven to be THE year for ABK! After working on product development and testing for nearly a year, we launched the A Bountiful Kitchen Product Line at Pinner’s Conference last weekend! The product line includes a pie making kit, a linen apron, measuring cups and spoons and also an ABK tote bag for shopping! I can’t wait for you to see it in person and make a home for these beautiful tools in your kitchen.

silicone mat, French rolling pin included in pie kit
ABK pastry mat with our “Best Flaky Pie Crust” recipe printed on the mat

As you know I’m passionate about pie, and the pie kit has been years in the making! We are so excited to finally be able to offer high quality kitchen tools at a reasonable price.

stainless steel measuring cups and spoons

Each of our items has been tested for several months to assure the highest quality and durability. When I purchase kitchen tools, I want the tool to last as long as reasonably possible. With proper care, each of our kitchen tools should last a lifetime! The metal on each of our products are stainless steel and engraved with the ABK branding.

measuring spoons

Our silicone mat is food safe, easy to wash and store in a kitchen drawer or on a pantry shelf. The mat is a whopping 31.5 x 23.5 inches so rolling out and containing a mess is easy! All of the flour, dough and any fillings remain on the mat instead of on your countertop.

stainless steel pastry cutter

The pastry mat and dough scraper are the perfect pair for making rolls, shaped cookies or pastries. All of the tools are available for purchase individually, with the exception of the pie plate, which is only available in the kit.

ABK Pie is Love kit
5 items in the pie kit: pastry mat, maple rolling pin, pie is love plate, bench scraper and pastry cutter.

The Pie is Love Kit is the best value if you want to purchase all of the pie making tools. The pie kit comes in a beautiful branded gift box for your favorite baker. Whether beginner or advanced baker, everyone loves this kit!

pie kit
Beautiful gift box included with the pie kit!

When we lived in Europe for 18 months, I learned to be diligent about carrying a reusable grocery bag to the store. That tradition carried on after we returned home. I’m definitely sold on reusable grocery bags! They are much easier to carry into the house than flimsy plastic bags. Our ABK tote bag is perfect for everything from grocery shopping to carrying books.

shopping tote from A Bountiful Kitchen
Canvas tote perfect for groceries or books!

Finally, our linen apron. I have a HUGE apron collection. Not just a for-looks collection, but a working collection I wear when cooking or baking. My mom was an apron wearing woman, I wear and apron and my girls wear aprons as well!

ABK linen cross back Japanese Style Apron
I think you will love our beautiful 100% linen apron!

Even my little grands love to put on their mini-aprons and help in the kitchen! After years of searching for the perfect apron, I finally found it. So many of you have asked about this apron and now it’s finally available to purchase! It is available in three sizes: S, M/L, XL . See the sizing chart under apron to decide which size is best for you!

A Bountiful Kitchen apron
Linen cross back apron

Our apron is 100% linen and available in a natural color. The apron has two generous front pockets for holding tissues, phone and anything else you want to keep close. It’s best washed in cold water and treated with detergent for stains and then line dried. Linen looks best when ironed, so I take 5 minutes and iron after it dries.

Our ABK apron crosses in the back (no cumbersome strap around your neck when cooking) and it gives nice coverage for your back side as well! I think you will love this Japanese-style apron which is similar to the jumper style apron my mother wore for years <3

measuring cups ABK
Measuring cups, rolling pin, silicone pastry mat and pie kit all come with custom gift box

Each product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Treat your new products with care and they will most likely be handed down to the next generation <3 Happy cooking my friends!

with love,


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