Hi, I’m Si!

I was fortunate to be a stay at home mom for 25 years while all of our children were in school. I love being a mother!

I was born in Okinawa, Japan. My mom is Japanese and my dad from the U.S. of A. I have been married to Grant (crazed bow hunter, baseball fanatic, most enthusiastic person you have ever met, and best friend) for 37 years and have four kids- two girls and two boys, two sons-in-law and four beautiful grand babies! When I started this blog  in 2008, we lived in a town called Bountiful.

I learned to love cooking while I was going to Dixie College in the early 80’s. I took a bread and pie making class with my dear friend Angie. A sweet lady with white hair (Mrs. Barton) taught us how to make breadrolls,cinnamon rolls, donuts and my favorite- PIE. I was hooked! I loved that you could start out with flour, sugar, fruit, and an hour or so later end up with something that was beautiful, smelled wonderful and tasted so good!

Much more successful than my sewing experiments.