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Perfect Gift! ABK academy 5 baking basics class

Perfect Gift! ABK academy 5 baking basics class

I’m so excited to roll out the pre-sale of my online cooking academy today! If you’ve ever wanted to master the art of baking step by step, this course is for you.

People have asked about, suggested and begged me to teach cooking classes for years, but because my readership spans across the country, it’s been impossible to offer something to everyone. But now with ABK academy, I can come into your home and teach you how to cook!

I’m excited to put this into the hands of my loyal readers and help them perfect the beginner to intermediate level recipes that have become staples in our home. For a very limited time (2 days) I’m offering this course at a discount of  45% off!  The regular price is $175 but with code the total is $96.25! That’s less than $20.00 per class.

The course will cover: roll and bread making, pie crust and how to blind bake a pie, also a fruit pie start to finish and perfect chocolate chip cookies.

This deep discount will not be offered again! ABK academy is the perfect gift for anyone who loves cooking or wants to learn how to make five recipes that will be the foundation of baking for a lifetime. The video stream will be available to you for a lifetime, so you can watch the courses over and over and take as little or as much time as you like to complete watching all five videos!

The offer code is:  hohoho45

Remember, this price is only available for pre-sale.  After the pre-sale, the price will go up.
Thanks for your support and I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Happy Baking,


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