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Uncategorized | October 1, 2010

Hello Out There…

Hello Out There…
Where did I go?
For three days, no blogosphere contact. You thought it was your computer at first, right? Some of you emailed, some called, texted and Fb me:
“Hello, Did you know your blog has dissapeared?” Uh, YES.
“Is someone stealing your site? Lawsuit.”
“What happened to your site? I need my food fix. Sometimes it’s just enough to look at the pictures.” keep reading and I’ll explain.
So here is the deal.
The Bad, my bad, whatev:
Ironically about a year ago, I purchased the domain name – – so no one else could buy the name and start a website using my name (which is exactly what has happened). It cost a whole $10.00 . I set the account up to renew automatically, and Google was suppose to charge my card and renew the purchase and domain name every year. Well, the card expired, and I didn’t receive a notice, bc the renewal notice/email was sent to an account I never check. You know, and old email account I set up back when I first started blogging, but now use another account as a primary account. Anywho, I happened to see the expiration notice last week. I tried to renew. But it was too late -the name had been sold!
Wednesday morning, I could no longer access the website. I started digging around and found that people actually make a living waiting for domain names to expire, then buy and re-sell the names. Really? Yes, really. I erased the snarkyremark I originally posted right here. So, now we are in the process of finding out who is “cyber squatting” on ( yes, there is a term for this) and seeing what we can do to retrieve the name. Fortunately, A Bountiful Kitchen is also a U.S. Registered Trademark. Another not so nice remark from ME, I decided should be deleted, was here.
The Good:
1. The info I thought I had lost, is still here. A Bountiful Kitchen has become family. Over two years spent recording stories about my childhood, our kids, marriage, friends, family, life, and how all of these things are intertwined with cooking. My online journal (I’m not so great at journaling, but am thinking this counts). I hope that someday, it will be something our kids and their kids will treasure.
2. I love that we (you and me) have this little online thing going. Love to hear your comments, suggestions, questions, etc. They bind us together. Love that over the past few days I have received notes from friends and readers (some of whom I have never heard from before- now, new bff’s) , expressing concern. SO Sweet.
3. Learning something new: I’ve had to find a solution to a problem. Searching into the unknown cyber world, and settings on my blogger account so I can have access to recipes and memories recorded. I could sit and cry or sit and try. Just made that up. I also learned a bit about domain names, importing/exporting blogs, storing info, hosting sites, and the importance of checking ALL email accts.
For now, I have switched back to using the original blog address:
Fact, for now:
All of the recipes I have posted are still on this site. Unfortunately, the index is no longer working, because the indexed recipes were linked to the .com address. This will take a while to change, if we don’t get the domain name back. But you may still look up recipes under the “cooking categories” link on the home page or use the search tool at the top right of the blog.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Thanks for reading, and for your sweet notes.
Update 10-12-2010
All is well. Bought the domain name back. All of the links are working.
Grant is the best husband.

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  1. Thanks si–i did get a call from my Mom and she explained everything and we did make the salad which saved the day for my daughter. I hope things work out getting the domain back. I am a big fan and I love everything you post.

  2. If your bff can't save the day, I don't know how can! We are in your corner.

    Also know that Fifi was in town today for Stephanie's deput at the Ironwoman contest. I'll bet tonight they are looking for recipes so Steph can enjoy a little love post competition!

    In the meantime, know that we love you and are rooting for a quick resolution.

    And yest, I still owe you kitchen pics. Took them. Just need to download and send.


  3. So so glad you didn't lose everything. What would we all have done? Starve, or lose weight. Hope Mr. Cybersquatter gets what is coming to him/her.

  4. I've been quietly freaking out for you. I should have called, but I'm callous like that sometimes. It's one of the things I like least about myself. I freeze up in the face of disaster, not knowing what to do or say. La-hoo sa-her!

    Anyway, I'm SO happy that you didn't lose everything! SO, SO happy. Even though I rarely cook, I still felt horrible thinking you might have lost all your content. A sickening thought, indeed.

    Big, giant WHI-PHEW!!!

  5. Sorry you are going through all this! I hope everything gets resloved to your satisfaction! I absolutely love your blog! Our camp cook will ask me, "what should I make tonight?". I go to your site a lot for wonderful recipes and ideas. Thank you and I hope your site is up for as long as you want it to be!! TinaMarie

  6. Si, Thanks for the heads up. What a headache. I've heard horror stories. I guess that you are successful enough to be a target. Good luck with the issue. Hope it is resolved soon.

  7. I might have to ask you about what happened later, that sounds awful!! And I was also "quietly freaking out" that you may have lost all that. I am praying that never has to happen to my own blog I've had for about 2 and a half years. Even though I journal, it would break my heart to lose the blog!! And it almost broke my heart for real when I frantically couldn't find yours! SO Glad that you didn't lose everything, have you figured out a way to save it all somehow in case something similar happens in the future?

  8. Oh man I am sooooooooo glad to see this wonderful site again! Also I am SOOOO tickled to be on the first post with ABK BIB (thats A Bountiful Kitchen Back In Business). That was the greatest day ever! I seriously want to make something else…. maybe next time I am home…. I will try and find some other recipe that looks delicious and challenging! You are the best!

  9. So sorry Si! What a huge pain! Along with everyone else, I'm grateful everything wasn't lost. Your journaling is one of my favorite parts. Also, I am always looking up past recipes, so I'm grateful we can still do that. I hope you will soon be able to work everything out to your satisfaction. Good Luck!

  10. Phew! I had to google a bunch of links to find you again. I was thinking of all the recipes I hadn't printed. By the way, the site that stole your domain name is super lame.

  11. So glad you are back! I have been a quiet, loyal reader for well over a year. I cringed when I thought the fun was over. How scary when your site had disappeared! Happy everything worked out and already enjoying new and old recipes 🙂

  12. So relieved your back!!! I found your website from a good friend, Lucy Andre- we are in a book club together. Anyway, I am a frequent visitor and probably check your website on a daily basis. I have made your fresh corn & tomato salad, spaghetti margherita, and last night we enjoyed blue ribbon lasagne & the backberry handpies (Yummy)! All have been successful and been added to my recipe collection.

  13. I am so glad to find this blog again! Tried adding to your address in case my bookmark was acting up…and here you are. Get the cybersquatter!

  14. Thanks for all of your sweet comments. love you all.
    Update – the ABK name/.com site is safe. Rec'd an email from the person who purchased it at an auction last month. The matter will be resolved and back to the old "normal" soon…

  15. I love how you deleted all your "snarky" remarks after the fact. I wouldn't have 🙂 So glad everything worked out.. it pays to have a patent/trademark attorney on your team! Go Grant!