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  1. I LOVE your recipe blog and have enjoyed SO many of them ever since Melinda told me about you. You are an amazing cook! But now I love it even more – you and my sweet husband are related. All of your ancestors that you mention are his. His great-grandfather is Peter T. Black and grandfather Averno T. Black. What a small world. I have meant to bring your my version of cinnamon rolls ever since that post and will really have to do it now. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I LOVE, LOVE your recipe blog! And I must add also that I have ancestors who made that trek under much harsher circumstances and I feel much the same, so much gratitude for their faith and sacrifice that blesses my life today! My youngest 2 daughters will be trekking at the end of July also, I am excited for their opportunity to increase their own faith and testimony.

  3. I wish all the youth in our neighborhood could feel your excitement and passion for the trek experience! There are so many who have decided not to go this year and as a youth I thought it was such a life changing experience! AND I HAD TO CATCH A live turkey to eat!
    love your blog! So great! My little girl asked to strawberry bread the other day when I was making blueberry muffins. She wanted strawberry tinker bread instead! 🙂

  4. Hey, I've been a "ma" on a similar trek and your post brought back a lot of memories! What fun. And this cowboy salsa looks delicious!

  5. Great blog! I too am a descendent of Wm and Jane through their son George. Just hearing about the difficulties they faced puts all life into perspective, doesn't it! I am a small part of the writing of a comprehensive and well-researched book about Wm and Jane, spearheaded by Wendel Walton (another cousin) We are looking for information about descendents who might want to know when the book will be available. You can contact me at If Wendel doesn't have the picture you posted of Joseph and his family, I'm sure he would like a copy, if you would be so kind. Thanks, Evelyn Black Scott

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