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  1. Awesome post Si. In order to be one of the teachers you talk about, you have to sometimes take a little Simba out of your shirt and hold it up while your kids are singing Circle of Life.
    The cookies you torture me with…

  2. What a lovely post! I am sure the fantastic drama and choir teachers at BHS appreciate the recognition – I know I have always heard great things about the programs there.

    The cookies look fantastic – who wouldn’t love a plate of those!

  3. Si, I love reading your comments. You are so kind to note people and your words are so uplifting.I always feel happier after reading your site. We could all do a blog called “the wonderful qualities of Si”. I’ll get on that right away.

    In addition, your recipes are THE BEST!

  4. I attest that the cookies are divine. I also LOVE your children and I believe in them, so maybe that is why they like me, or at least I THINK they like me!

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