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  1. So hard, Si. It really is the thought that counts. Time is flying (although I'm sure it is going by much slower for "the parents" than me). I remember your post a year ago about the scotchies. It's hard having your children grow up but bittersweet at the same time isn't it?

    • yes it is Bonnie. No one ever told me my kids would eventually grow up and move out!! Oh, and it's amazing to me a year has gone by!

  2. What handsome missionaries:) In our family we all LOVE Scotcheroos! I like your tips.I never thought of cutting back on the amount of RK's, but it makes total sense because at 6 cups the mixture is so stiff and sometimes way too hard.My great-auntie added 1 TBSP water to the boiled mixture which helped, but I like your tip of 4 cups…makes it so those other two cups can be added to another batch!lol
    They are very addictively yummy!!I've also experimented with brown sugar Karo and dark Karo also peanut butter chips instead of butterscotch.Wonder where your packages are?

    • Thank you Janet, I've never tried the water addition. I'll try it next time.
      The packages…no idea where they are! Hopefully, they will surface sometime soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Si: Three tips that will help get packages to Stephen. Send it only to the mission home in La Paz, not to his actual apartment/house etc. Also, if you put some Christian-looking stickers/photos of Mary and Jesus on the outside of the package, they are very much superstitious. And the last tip is to change his name to Spanish, so they don't think it's anything "different or special" . You know..? FYI: Estavan is Stephen in Spanish.

    And those look absolutely delicious.

    • Lar, I did try the first two tips you gave, but not the third! I will try this. You'll love this recipe, and so will Mr. E ๐Ÿ™‚

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