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The Big Move

If you aren’t into sentimental babbling on food blogs, you’ll have to come back another day…I’ve been putting off writing this post for a few months, but need to record it for posterity sake 🙂 No recipe with this post. Only a few pics and a little movie at the end.
It finally happened. We moved. The quickie version of how/why this happened: We never planned on moving, but the timing was right to build a house so we took the plunge and bought a lot last April. In May we put our house up for sale, and a couple of days later papers were signed and we had sold our family home.
Before we bought our house in Bountiful, we had moved 7 times in 12 years. We were students 7 of those 12 years. In 1994, we found the perfect place to raise our little family. When we moved into our Bountiful home, our kids were (barely) 9, 4 and 2. I felt like I was still a kid myself. In July of 1996 we added one more to our family, our last baby, Jacob. A couple of years after that, we bought a dog and a Suburban- so we could all ride together in one car.
I felt like animpostor.Who was this kid, driving a bunch of kids around in this huge SUV?!
A few pics of the Sundance Circle years…

1996, the early years 🙂

The height chart on the garage wall 🙂



Years and years of playing baseball in the yard and at our favorite neighborhood ballpark,Mueller Park.



Countless recipes tested out in the Bountiful Kitchen 🙂


Good times with friends at neighborhood gatherings.


We had some great times in our home. We had lived in two other houses, but this was different. When we walked into our home in 1994, we both knew it was where we were suppose to be. It was the perfect place for us to raise our family.
What makes a house a home, and neighbors your family? I’ve thought a lot about this in the past several months. I’ve decided when you open your heart and serve each other, regardless of race, religion, income or age, you are naturally bonded. Your friends become part of your family. You watch out for their kid and they watch out for yours. Our neighbors spent countless hours serving our family. I couldn’t begin to name the people who have volunteered in my kids school classes, taught Sunday School lessons, brought us dinner when we were sick, coached softball, baseball, basketball, soccer (at one time or another with each of my kids), taught music in Primary, written notes of encouragement, given up weeks of their lives to lead at Girl’s Camp, Scout Camp, Pioneer Trek, and Youth Conference, etc, etc, etc.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

What did we take away from our Sundance years?
Just before we moved, I taught a lesson to a group of young women. We talked about becoming people of one heart, with our hearts in turned to the Savior. This lesson summed up exactly how I felt about the lessons we had learned from our neighbors the past 18 years. They loved us in spite of our imperfections and weaknesses. They knew what it meant to “…stand as a witness of God, at all times, and in all things, and in all places.” They shared that knowledge with us through everyday acts of kindness, courage and love.
I made this little video for my lesson, featuring a few of the Young Women I was privileged to teach for several years, and our neighbors and friends who will be a part of our story forever.

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  1. Sweet post Si. We have lived in the same neighborhood in two different homes 1/2 block away for 30 years (almost all of our married life). I feel so lucky to have this community. I'm sure your neighbors will miss you but I know you will find the same kind of community in your new home. It will be that way because you will make it so.
    Good Luck!