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  1. I'm sitting here smiling because we must be twins who got separated at birth. Your #1: Ditto, #2: Ditto, #3 Ditto! Yes, I've got over 300 cookbooks and counting. Yes, I hoard cooking magazines. And, finally, don't even get me started on Pinterest recipes! For your fellow amusement, you need to read my "confession" in the post below. Love your site–every time I visit I want to take a bite out of the chocolate frosted brownie!

  2. You should check out It's two guys that live in Washington DC. They test recipes from cooking magazines and then rate them. Once a year they to a cover to cover challenge and have readers help make every recipe in a magazine. They've been a lot of fun to follow. Love what you do. Your recipes are always yummy and I grew up in Bountiful so I feel a connection. :O)

    • I will check out their blog, love the test and report posts! I'm glad you found ABK and love that you grew up here and feel a connection to my little blog. It's always good to go back home 🙂

  3. This looks soooooo good! My mother in law is a cookbook hoarder, I've been known to "borrow" from her…what magazine's do you subscribe to? What are your favs? I'm looking for a new subscription that has reliable recipes. I already get Cooking Light. (I'm over at, by the way, I can't figure out how to get this to link to me. Come over and say hi sometime 🙂

    • Hi Karen,
      My all time favorite magazine is Southern Living. It is the equivalent to "Sunset" magazine in the West. Much better home decor and recipes all around than Sunset. I have been subscribing for nearly 20 years now. I also love Bon Appetite, Food and Wine magazine and Martha Stewart magazine.
      Happy cooking!

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