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  1. I was released from YW a few months ago so sadly wasn't at this year's GC to eat your delicious food. Bummer!! You are amazing, and this ziti looks delicious.

  2. I'm glad they liked the food! If I'm guessing right, your husband and daughter were a huge help in our pack up and clean up effort at the end of camp. Please tell them thank you, they were awesome!

  3. I will, they had lots of good things to say about you! Makaela was so proud that she took the picture of all you ladies and it ended up on the blog. I was on the food committee two years ago so I understand how much work it was. I really wanted to go this year and just sit around and watch the girls. Now that's the calling I'll request in the future! Haha. My oldest daughter saw the recipe and is already planning on making the Ziti for our family. It must have been fabulous because she never cooks or eats anything.

  4. I stumbled upon this recipe looking for baked ziti for 300 for stake youth conference. I have a question – did you buy the pre-grated Parmesan, shredded Parmesan, or grate yourself? You don’t mean that sprinkle out of a can stuff, right? you mean truly grated?

    • Meredith,
      Great (grate?) question! For my personal use, I buy a block of Parmesan and grate it myself. For such a large group, I recommend the large grated parmesan cheese containers you can purchase at Costco if you don’t have a way to grate the cheese quickly on your own.
      This recipe is sure to please a crowd! Please let me know how it worked for you.
      Thanks for reading ABK,
      xo ,

      • Yes, I found the grated Parmesan canisters at Restaurant Depot, Sams, etc. Thx! Writing it all up and purchasing and not even making a sample batch before – I am trusting you!!!! <3

      • I would LOVE to pick your brain. does multiplying this X17 really require 51 pounds of parmesan? $330 worth????? Use my email – I would love to chat – I am at a crossroads of swapping recipes.

    • Hi Renee,
      Yes, I like the texture of the cottage cheese, but yes, it can be replaced with ricotta cheese as well!

  5. We are over the food for a group of about 130 this summer in Palmyra and had planned on Ziti for one of the meals so I am so happy to find this post! We will be renting a house and will only have a regular house kitchen for prep and cooking. The baking it all is what is giving me anxiety! Any suggestions? We were wondering about using electric roasters possibly?

    • Hi Mandy, I’m guessing The roasters will cook the ziti fine. Make sure to not over cook the pasta ahead of time in the boiling process or it will end up being too mushy! Let us know if you try the roaster method! Thanks for asking,

  6. Thoughts on warming up the already baked pans on a Coleman stove? I’m in charge of our rough out camp this year and just made this tonight to try, thank you it’s delicious! So we are actually camping and thought if I make this, cook it, and take it up for our first night and then just warmit up on the Coleman stove?

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