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Uncategorized | April 29, 2019

Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Cooks

Are you looking for a gift for the mom who loves to cook? You’ve come to the right place! ABK’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Cooks was created to give you a few amazing gift ideas starting at about $15. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite kitchen tools and gadgets the special mom in your life is going to love! I use every single one of these items, and have for years, so you know they are tested and approved in my Bountiful Kitchen.

Most of the gifts have suggested side items attached (such as ABK’s free Instant pot ebook) or recipe ideas if you’d like to go the extra mile and make a treat… And we all know MOM wants you to go the extra mile! Mother’s Day the best holiday??! I love a day dedicated to the wonderful women in our lives. All I want for Mother’s Day is to be surrounded by my kids, Grant and good food. Oh, and to put my feet up and let other people cook for me. And a little nap. And a chocolate chip cookie or a piece of cake. That’s not asking too much, right? Where is my laughing emoji???

  1. Instant Pot: This one is a slam dunk winner! You know how much I love and use my Instant Pot. It’s on the pricier side so this would make a great group gift for siblings to go in on together. The 6 quart is a great size for families of all sizes. If you sign up for the email list on ABK, you can get a free Instant Pot ebook with printing instructions and options so you can give Mom a cookbook to use with her Instant Pot as well!
  2. Belgian Waffle Maker: I have had my Belgian Waffle Maker for 15+ years! It never fails me and cooks up Buttermilk Waffles perfect every time. I love the timer that goes off when the waffle is done cooking- always a good thing when you’re busy making other breakfast dishes! This waffle maker also allows you to adjust how golden you’d like your waffle.
  3. Ice Cream Maker: This is the present for the “Mom who has everything”. It’s a fun gift that most women won’t think to buy for themselves! Gift the ingredients in this recipe for Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream along with her new ice cream maker.
  4. Cookie Scoop: This is my most-used cookie scoop. It can hold about 3 tablespoons of dough and makes the perfect size generous, but not overly large cookie. It’s inexpensive and would be so cute to pair along with ingredients for cookies! I also use this kitchen tool for making muffins and cupcakes to scoop out uniform size scoops of batter into the tins or cupcake liners.
  5. Zester: Every mom should have a zester in their life. Another inexpensive gift idea that is a lifesaver in the kitchen. It’s so great for grating parmesan cheese or zesting citrus. Package this zester along with some fancy parmesan cheese or a bag of limes and lemons or this recipe for Lemon Lime Swig Cookies. Too cute! You will definitely be Mom’s new favorite child if you make her cookies to go with the zester.
  6. Apple Peeler: This is the gift that everyone loves and never knew they needed. If your mom ever makes apple pies, she NEEDS one of these apple peelers. They make slicing, cutting, and peeling apples about 100% easier than doing it by hand. It’s a game changer. I have been known to travel with mine when making apple pie away from home! You’re going to see a lot more homemade apple pies at mom’s house if you buy her this tool 😉
  7. Measuring Cups and Spoons: These measuring cups and spoons are a little more expensive than average but SO worth it. Every cook should have a set of good quality measuring cups and spoons. They last forever and are heavy duty. I’ve had mine for years and they still look like new!
  8. KitchenAid Stand Mixer: I’ve had my KitchenAid for over 30 years. It never fails me. I have never had it repaired and I use it all the time- almost daily. This KitchenAid brand is a work horse, professional, heavy duty, and top quality. It’s an investment but will last for years and years to come!
  9. All-Clad Pots: Another kitchen investment. I have owned my 10-piece set for over 20 years! I tell everyone if they can spend money on one set of pans while they are starting out, this is the set. All Clad pans never dent and always cook food evenly. Even if you burn food in the pan, it is constructed in such a way that burned food can be scraped out and then washed leaving the pan looking like new. You can buy All Clad pans separately or in a set. I 100% stand by these pans.
  10. Le Creuset Cast-Iron Pot: Last, but definitely not least, the Le Creuset pot. I love this pot. It’s perfect for making soups and chilis, slow cooking foods in the oven, baking bread, and so much more. You will see this pot (and other size Le Creuset pans) used time and time again in ABK recipe posts and on Instagram. The Le Creuset line comes in lots of different colors but I love classic white because it goes with everything. It’s pretty enough to go from stove top to table serving! I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t love this gift.

I hope these ideas help you decide what to get MOM for Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day to all of the women in my life <3
with love,

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  1. Si!! I’ve been researching the All Clad pots and noticed that there are D3, D5 copper clad and other sets available. Your link takes me to the Amazon link with the 10 piece D3 set-any reason you recommend that over the others?

    Thanks so much! (I assume you are still in Spain, so I hope you are well.❤️)